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So yesterday I took my first steps into the world of selling at craft markets and it was a great experience, I wanted to write a blog entry describing my day to you and so here goes:

I nervously turned up at Fabrica at 9.30am with my carefully packed, bus friendly stall, to be warmly welcomed by Zoe; Craftaganza’s organiser, she introduced me to my stall sharing buddy Jorunn from Nnuroj who happened to be the perfect buddy for a yellow bear selling her wares (I will explain later).

I set about arranging my carefully planned display to find that time flies when you are worrying about un-ironed tablecloths (I don’t own an iron!), coping with shaking hands because of nerves and having a non-caffeine start to the day. But Jorunn and the lovely Katie from Oh Squirrel¬†who was setting her stall up on the other side of me soon made me feel comfortable and at ease with the experience, so thank you to you both!

Jorunn and her scrumptiously textured knitted baby blanket ‘socks’ and gorgeous scarves and snoods :


Katie and her beautiful hand-made stationary, badges, cards and letter tags all with vintage and hilarious themes.


The layout of my own stall:


The doors opened to the public at 10.30am and it was a bit slow going in the morning, but things picked up after lunch.

My rings were my most popular item and I’m thinking I may have to make it easier for people to try on my pairs of bracelets (currently you have to take lots off of the stand to get to the one you want to try and I think people might be a little reluctant to do this, maybe I’ll put some pairs out balanced on cotton reels like my rings).


The market became packed out at certain points during the day and I think there was a pretty good footfall, I found it hard to leave my stall for long and have a look round but kindly my partner Jorge came in to give me a bit of a lunch break/wonder break.

I finally met Ruth and Brendan of i am acrylic whose stall blew me away:


I didn’t get a wide enough shot to show the funky layout and the two massive felt trees which hold up this string of necklaces, but check this miniature version out:


Their stall was full of vibrant fun jewellery made with acrylic that is hand cut using a fret saw (no laser cutting here!) they are lovely people have been/are very supportive of me and my venture, and have been willing to share tips with me such as types of glue to use and jewellery finding suppliers. Ruth gave me some valuable feedback that the photos of my knitting needle necklaces on my Etsy may need something added to them to show scale as she thought they were pretty chunky from the pics but in actuality they are small delicate items. Thank you Ruth!


The lovely Rockcakes was also rockin her craftaganza stall:


She designs and makes gorgeously quirky jewellery of which I am an avid collector, I especially love her new ‘medals’ series and am trying to think of someone that deserves a medal in my life (ha they all do!).

Late in the afternoon I had a craft stall disaster! My hand knitted sign (which you can see below) fell off it’s needles meaning that it could have slowly unraveled and all that work I put into it the night before would have been for nothing however the lovely Jorunn came to the rescue with her knitting know-how and easily picked up the stitches in order to rescue my sign.


In all it was a good day; I got my name out there, I made back the cost of the stall and then some and I have been commissioned to make a necklace. I had my wares spotted by the ‘crafts institute’, many people took my cards and said they’d be in touch about commissions and I met some lovely fellow crafters, some of whom I am going to try and socialise more with through the Brighton Etsy group/Craftaganza talks etc as if felt good and inspiring to be around other maker types. Thank you to those people I met that helped make my day a success!


Exciting news!

I have been accepted to sell my wares at Brighton Craftaganza on Saturday 15th of June!

I’m still busily working away on the display of my stall, I’ve got most of the bits and pieces now I just need to finish them off. My brilliant dad has made me a stand for my bracelets which re-purposes two MASSIVE knitting needles to make them into arms for my bracelets to hang from, I just need to paint it, I think black? I do like the fresh look of a white background for things but I feel like a black background on most of my stall will make the colours of my jewellery really pop.

I will be sharing a stall (I’ve only asked for a half) and I’ve yet to find out who with but am looking forward to finding out.

I’m really excited and slightly nervous about this news, my first ever craft stall, it will give me a brilliant chance to get my name out there and maybe to sell some things.

To do list:
Make a sign for the stall.
Paint my bracelet stand.
Find some black material for the table cloth.
Clean up my lovely sewing box to use for display.
Find some black velvet material to use in the knitting needle case for my rings.