Exciting news!

I have been accepted to sell my wares at Brighton Craftaganza on Saturday 15th of June!

I’m still busily working away on the display of my stall, I’ve got most of the bits and pieces now I just need to finish them off. My brilliant dad has made me a stand for my bracelets which re-purposes two MASSIVE knitting needles to make them into arms for my bracelets to hang from, I just need to paint it, I think black? I do like the fresh look of a white background for things but I feel like a black background on most of my stall will make the colours of my jewellery really pop.

I will be sharing a stall (I’ve only asked for a half) and I’ve yet to find out who with but am looking forward to finding out.

I’m really excited and slightly nervous about this news, my first ever craft stall, it will give me a brilliant chance to get my name out there and maybe to sell some things.

To do list:
Make a sign for the stall.
Paint my bracelet stand.
Find some black material for the table cloth.
Clean up my lovely sewing box to use for display.
Find some black velvet material to use in the knitting needle case for my rings.