Anyone remember ‘What-a-mess’ the children’s books by Frank Muir about a very messy afghan hound who cant help but make a mess out of everything? He even thinks his name is ‘what-a-mess’ because of how people react to him being around. Looking around at the mess I create whilst making my wares I can’t help but say his name out loud.
I guess that’s the trouble with not having a dedicated studio to work in, my mess is taking over the dining room table and other surfaces, we haven’t eaten at the table for about six months!

Do any of you crafters and makers out there have any ways of coping with this problem? my issue is the things I make have a few different processes involved and I need to see the pieces laid out to get me working and thinking about it, if I put it away in boxes I doubt I would be half as productive.
What methods do you use to make sure your crafting/making doesn’t take over your living space? any advice will be greatfully received.