Boot fair Booty!

After finding out on Saturday that I have been added the ‘potential stall holders’ mailing list for Craftaganza  in June I have been stepping up my ideas about how to display my wares at a market, yesterday felt like a very productive day for this, I ventured out on my bicycle to the boot fair at Brighton race course and then just managed to get to the market at Brighton Marina before it started to shut down.

At the boot sale or Market I wanted a to find a centre piece for my stall that was knitting or sewing related. I came across this gorgeous sewing box (pictured above) at the Marina and just knew that I had to buy it (even if it was a little steeper than I wanted to spend on my display) the curve of the handles is so pleasingly art-deco (I think?). It needs a bit of work but nothing a good clean, some new screws and a bit of wire wool on the metal wont sort out. If anyone has more info about what era this box may have come from do let me know.

The other thing I was hunting for to use on my stall display was more vintage wooden cotton reels which I found pretty easily at both markets.

When I got home I also designed and ordered some Moo business cards, I just love their half size ‘mini cards’, very high quality print and easy use website. If you are thinking of getting some yourself, please use this link and it will help me get my next batch!:


It is tough balancing a full-time job with starting up a new venture and I often feel like I’m missing out on fun because of it, but yesterday I feel had the right balance of fun and work for a weekend (I usually work mon-fri in my job). Does anyone else out there have the same problem? how do you make sure you aren’t over-working?

Hope you all had as lovely and productive a Sunday as me.