Hello and welcome!

Hi I’m Claire, Welcome to my first blog post!

My online/offline nickname for a long time was ‘Yellow Bear’ thanks to a good friend who likened Cat Power lyrics “yellow hair, you’re such a funny bear” to me, and morphed them into yellow bear, so I’ve decided to take that name and use it for my new little en-devour of making things to sell in my Etsy shop and hopefully soon at local craft/maker fairs.

Currently the only items on my Etsy page are jewelery made from knitting needles and one type of shrink plastic badge, over time I will be expanding my range to include felt brooches, more shrink plastic badges and more knitting needle designs. Please check out my Etsy here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/YellowBearWares
This photo shows me just a little excited about a new delivery of needles, please forgive my ‘just back home from a long day at work’ look!

Thanks all!